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Bryan D.

School Child

Place: San Benito, Nicaragua

Project: La Cosecha School

Grade: 4th

Age: 11

Gender: Male

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Bryan D. lives with both parents. His mom stays home and his dad works in a chicken factory. He has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. At school his favorite class is math. He enjoys playing soccer and his favorite team is Real Madrid. He would like to be an electrician or an engineer when he grows up. His favorite color is orange.

La Cosecha - San Benito

Colegio La Cosecha (La Co-say-cha: Harvest Community School)


Director: Danira Sanchez
Faculty and Staff: 9
Enrollment: 215
La Cosecha is newer-just a few years old. It began much as Pequeño Benjamin did: a small school on dirt roads in a poor community staffed by dedicated teachers who wanted good things for their children. Located in San Benito, the school has 215 students from Preschool to Sixth Grade. It has grown enormously since its foundation in 2010 as a single-room tin schools house. It now has 5 classrooms, and more are needed. In 2014, HI was able to improve teachers' salaries and enroll them in insurance and retirement plans. 2014 was also the first year that fifth and sixth grades were large enough to have separate classes. Enrollment grows each year and student attendance has greatly improved, as has staff morale. Additional adjacent land was purchased in 2014 to allow the school to expand. The north section of the perimeter was also completed. Danira Sanchez and Carolina Escorcia, the Director and Assistant Director are incredible ladies who do far beyond what is required for their roles. Please pray for these two ladies: they make the school a real ministry. 

Danira and her husband Pedro also organize Bible studies and outreach activities for the students and their families.